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Since 2008 our technicians are experts in X-ray inspections on mechatronic systems.

The X-ray beam, similar to what happens in the medical field, allows you to inspect the materials inside them without the need to section them, returning two-dimensional images in gray scales.

An important input to the introduction of this technology in the field of electronic assemblies came with the introduction of BGA components in mass production.The possibility of inspecting the quality of the joints placed under the body of the component, and therefore hidden from visual inspection, was immediately evident but the X-ray inspection then proved to be a particularly stimulating field of technological development with fundamental repercussions in company activities as well.

In fact, the system has proved invaluable not only for setting and controlling processes on BGA components but also for the non-destructive analysis of all the other soldered joints, as a statistical control tool on the results of the special process, as a mean to verify some aspects of PCBs not detectable by superficial observation, for the non-destructive control of assembled mechatronic devices and as a support for troubleshooting and project debugging activities.

To enhance the potential of the machine it is necessary to have a great deal of experience in the acquisition and interpretation of radiographic images.

For this reason, after the purchase of the machine and the first basic training activities, our technologist, sensing the potential of the system, began a training and advanced research path that led him to develop a deeper competence in the field of non-destructive investigations in electronics.
In the first phase he was supported by Korean technicians expert on X-ray inspection systems and, later, he was trained at GE’s centers of excellence where specific analyses are carried out for applications in electronics even with 3D reconstruction systems in computed axial tomography.

In this way our company has become a point of reference for anyone looking for support for:

• non-destructive analysis,
• the development of electronic and mechatronic products;
• the search for defects;
• the evaluation of the results of the special processes;
• pre-analysis before destructive analysis – such as micro sections – to choose rightly where to make the cuts and have a very high probability of intercepting the problem;

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