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Among the pieces that complete the equipment of specific machinery for the type of service we offer, in addition to the Leica microscopes for the operators in the production department, there is certainly the VHX-7000 digital microscope by Keyence which allows you to view, acquire and measure with a single device and is therefore a valuable tool for quality analysis on special products.


It is a high-precision 4K CMOS sensor digital microscope with exceptional performance.
The VHX-7000 Series has been designed to overcome the limitations of traditional optical microscopes by providing high resolution imaging, wide depth of field and integrated 2D / 3D measurements.
It offers a magnification from 20X to 6000X and the images, thanks to the multidirectional lighting of the particular optical system, are simultaneously in focus even on surfaces at different heights.
The focus can be fixed and remains centered even if the object is rotated or tilted.
The viewing mode is revolutionary and produces images similar to those of a scanning electron microscope. These features also play a crucial role in 3D profiling and advanced measurement functions, including ISO 16232-based contamination analyzes and crystal grain size measurements.

The software with which it is equipped also allows the creation of a particularly detailed report also useful for sharing the results of the qualitative and dimensional checks with customers.

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