The assembly processes in the electronics sector


Our company has a complete internal testing department with test benches and working stations for mechanical assembly that allow it to operate on all those products which, in addition to pure and simple assembly, require more specific and tailored interventions.

We can program or reprogram the devices (both firmware and software), and perform functional testing and /or dedicated mechanical processing. In addition, we do troubleshooting analysis and resolution of electrical failures.

The department has the hardware for “in-circuit” programming of some of the most common programmable components, and has the ability to operate on projects developed in both Microsoft Windows and GNU / Linux environments; this allows us to quickly make changes to the programs loaded on the devices and test them in real time, significantly shortening the time required for their validation.

In addition, thanks to the skills our people have and the experience gained over the years, the department is also able to provide support in numerous activities aimed at the functional verification of electronic products operating in various fields of application.

The tests we currently provide are from simple measurements of electrical parameters to more complex testing procedures, defined on the needs of our clients to test specific functions or ascertain the correct behavior of the devices in extreme conditions.

By way of example, some tests carried out are the automated control of the memory and I / O signals of the devices, the analysis of waveforms (analog and digital), and various thermal and mechanical stress tests. In this context of sophisticated testing, operators make use of both the standard equipment supplied to the department (programmable power supplies, bench and portable digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc.) and proprietary testing equipment supplied by customers.

When a product highlights a malfunction during testing, our team uses all the tools available in the company to identify the cause; later, when possible, we restore full functionality with the help of the production departments. By doing so, the equipment does not require further interventions to be fully operational and the risk of problems arising during their normal operation is minimized.

Considering the difficulty and complexity in the development of new concept products, this service is also offered as a support to our client during the prototyping phase, in order to speed up the identification and elimination of potential defects, and thus reduce the time to market
Upon request, the activities described above can be extended, as an after-sales service, to devices that are damaged during use or that require hardware changes and / or firmware or software updates.


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