The assembly processes in the electronics sector


In some cases the assembly of the components cannot be carried out with automatic machines, and therefore the positioning and soldering must be carried out manually by means of table-top soldering stations. Our centralines are constantly maintained and the electronic control units are checked periodically.

It is essential that the manual soldering activity is carried out by qualified operators who have excellent knowledge about:

• the raw materials they use;
• the principles of metallurgy underlying the operation;
• the most suitable tools to use;

It is also necessary that they know how to evaluate the result of the soldering performed according to the reference standards of the sector.

Our company has equipped itself with internal BPER (Brazing Procedure Approval Record) which both provide instructions for the qualified operator and provide objective evidence of the correct execution and management of the operating procedures within the limits and fields of application envisaged for the validation of the special process.

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