The assembly processes in the electronics sector


Some sectors require washing of the electronic boards after the soldering processes. The reasons can be many:

the products have undergone processes that require the use of aggressive chemicals such as activated fluxes and which must therefore be strictly removed after processing so that they do not cause corrosion over time;

products that have undergone NO CLEAN processes but are aimed at specific sectors that require a high level of cleanliness even of the inert organic material, for example to ensure high purity of signals or other particular specific performances;

products that must be prepared for painting, conformal coating or potting and therefore require surfaces free of any residue that could affect adhesion or compatibility with the paints or resins to be applied.

For all these needs, we are equipped with a vapor phase solvent washing machine that is extremely effective in removing solder residues and totally respectful of the functionality of the electronic components being cleaned.

For each product that needs washing, all the particularities are evaluated in the manufacturing plan with any precautions or exclusions to be applied.

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